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Latin American Ambassadors Display at UJ Relations with the Arab World


The University of Jordan (UJ) Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah School of International Studies on Thursday hosted a lecture on "Latin American Relations with the Arab World" by ambassadors of some Latin American countries in Jordan.


At the beginning of his speech, the Brazilian Ambassador in Amman Francisco Carlos Soares Luz displayed some aspects of the Brazilian history, population and culture.


"It's estimated that between at least 10 million Brazilians have some Arab ancestry," he said, adding the current Brazilian president is the son of a Lebanese migrant.


The Diplomat also referred to the shared vision with the Arab counties regarding some of the region's political issues, "the Brazilian engagement in causes such as the defense of a Palestinian state has popular support," he stated.


With regards to Jordan, the Ambassador indicated that there are 3500 people with Brazilian citizenship living in Jordan, adding that trade exchange between the two countries in this century valued between 200 and 300 million USD.
The Mexican Ambassador to Jordan Enrique Rojo Stein in his intervention explained some of his country's important economic and political aspects, highlighting that in 2015 the Mexican economy ranked as the 13th largest in the world.


He said that his country has trade agreements with 46 countries, stating that more agreements are under negotiation currently, including one with Jordan.
Addressing foreign policy, the Diplomat referred to actions being developed to expand and consolidate his country's presence in the Middle East and in Jordan in particular, "a nation for which Mexico feels a special appreciation".


Venezuelan Ambassador to Jordan Fausto Fernandez displayed the Venezuelan government's efforts and policies to improve the welfare and social well-being of the Venezuelan people, which have led to decreasing poverty rate from 60% to 24%.


The Ambassador stated that the food and agriculture organization gave the Venezuelan government a diploma for the success of its policies aimed at decreasing hunger and malnutrition.


He also pointed to the strong relationships between Venezuela and countries of the Middle East, especially Jordan.


Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah School of International Studies Dean Prof. Abdullah Nuqrush pointed to the positive contribution of Arab immigrants in the development of relations between the people of Latin America and the Arab world during the 19th and 20th centuries.


"This coexistence between Arab immigrants and the original inhabitants affirms the civility, tolerance and cooperation among them," he said.

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