Faculty of International Studies Honors the Participants in a Training Program about the Electoral Process

The Dean of the Faculty of International Studies at the University of Jordan, Prof. Mohammad Al Masalha, honored the participants in the training program about the electoral process.

In the ceremony, Prof. Al Masalha stated that the faculty of international studies seeks to provide students with academic and cultural experiences in various fields. Also, Prof. Al Masalha added that the program which lasted for five days aims to increase the political awareness of students and create generations who able to absorb the difficult stages experienced by the Arab countries through their acquired knowledge about the culture of elections that are the basis of democracy and justice.

For his part, Deputy Dean and the program supervisor, Dr. Zaid Eyadat, highlighted that the training program, which is considered as the first program in the Arab world, is one part of a series of steps to be undertaken by UJ and other universities in order to spread election culture and promote its justice and fairness values according to international standards, provide a full opportunity for students to participate in political works and enable them to make significant actions.

Moreover, Dr. Zaid Eyadat added that there is a set of plans in the future such as launching new training programs about student elections in universities and establishing a specialized center to supervise the electoral process. Furthermore, Dr. Eyadat expressed his appreciation for the Faculty of International Studies students, who eager to learn in all areas so as gives a great incentive for the faculty to provide such programs.  

Prof. Masalha handed the certificates for 20 students from various Arab universities as well as the students of the Faculty of Studies at the University of Jordan.

It is noteworthy that the program was held at the faculty of International Studies at the University of Jordan in cooperation with Georgetown University and creative association international, and supervised by Prof. Jeff Fischer from the University of Georgetown, and Dr. Zaid Eyadat, Deputy Dean of the faculty of International Studies and the Head of Human Rights and Human Development Department at UJ.


Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies
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