Short Course August 18 -22/2013

The School of International Studies at the University of Jordan (UJ) and in cooperation with Georgetown University, Princeton University and Creative Association International yesterday held a training program on electoral policies and practices under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Fisher from Georgetown University.


According to the Dean of the School of International Studies and Political Science, Dr. Zaid Eyadat, the program is designed to increase political awareness among students and create a generation of youth who has the ability to absorb the difficult stages experienced by the Arab countries.


The five-day program is held within the activities of the Institute for Democratic Studies and Elections in the school and considered a step towards spreading the culture of elections and promoting its values based on justice and fairness, Eyadat said, which would contribute to providing a full opportunity for students to engage in the political action, he added.


The training is attended by a group of college students, students and interested individuals from regional and international universities.


The program themes include: election date, different election approaches, membership requirements of the House of Representatives, and the right of people with special needs to participate in the elections, the organizational mechanisms of the electoral campaigns, in addition to other themes related to the electoral process.


It should be noted that the "Institute for Democratic Studies and Elections" was established recently to highlight the need for a regional approach, in order to enhance the process of professionalism, transparency and accountability, serve as a center for research, parliaments and other universities, help strengthening the civil society locally and regionally and create a generation of scientists working in the field of  democracy promotion.