Established in 1965, the Department of Political Science is one of the oldest and most prestigious establishments of political science in the region. With experience at its back, the Department continues to stride forth with the latest theories and methodologies, endowing its students with unparalleled insight and analysis into current world affairs.

In keeping with its persistent endeavour to remain at the forefront of political and academic developments (world affairs instead?), the Department has recently established an English-language PhD program focusing on Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory, to compliment the longstanding Arabic-language undergraduate program which has born some of the region’s brightest politicians and diplomats. 


The Department aims to equip its students with solid methodological skills in order to study and analyse the science of politics. By focusing on new paradigms, theories, and methodologies, the Department seeks to create a new generation of scholars who will apply these practices to contemporary political issues. 


To ensure the effective dissemination of various ideas and methodologies, the Department hires an eclectic mix of staff members from various theoretical, political, and institutional backgrounds. The expert scholars are active participants in society, undertaking continuous research and various extra-curricular academic and political activities. Graduating from prestigious universities the world over, and comprising a diverse age-range, the staff body lays the foundations for an enriched department that resonates with unique experience and particular specialities, which students are encouraged to utilise fully. 


This has created an environment of free thought, which is conducive to innovative solutions and analyses. The multicultural environment of UJ’s Political Science department encourages deeper a understanding and collaboration between students and their respective countries, promoting bridges of acceptance and a discipline of nonbiased critical thinking. As a result of the Department’s international reputation and welcoming environment, many of our foreign students are either diplomats or are sponsored by their home countries to study at UJ.


The Department’s students and faculty engage in critical inquiry over a broad range of topics. In both undergraduate and graduate programmes, students undertake classes in Jordanian Politics, Comparative Politics, International Politics, Political Theory and Public Administration.