Established in 1965, the Department of Political Science is one of the oldest and most prestigious establishments of political science in the region. Taught in Arabic at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the Department has recently established a PhD program focusing on Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory. The Department aims to equip its students with solid methodological skills in order to study and analyse the science of politics. By focusing on new paradigms, theories and methodologies, the Department seeks to create a new generation of scholars able to apply these practices to contemporary political issues.

The staff at the department is from different theoretical, political and institutional backgrounds. They occupy different academic ranks and are very active regarding research and other academic as well as political activities. They graduated from different prestigious universities from different parts of the world during different years. This enriches the departments experience and specialities which reflects on the services provided to the students.  

The Department's students and faculty engage in critical inquiry over a broad range of topics. In both its undergraduate and graduate degrees, students learn about local, regional, and International Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory.


Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies
Department of Political Science