The School was established in 2008 to meet the increasing demands of students for knowledge in International Relations. Today it is the only academic institution specializing in politics and international affairs in Jordan than provides quality education and training in a myriad of fields in the English language. Academics and Stellar Faculty The faculty offers education and training for undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D. students on a wide range of paradigms and diverse theoretical, philosophical and methodological approaches to the Social Sciences and political research. We are distinguished for the unique educational and research environment we provide. We incorporate a tradition of expertise with a broad range of research fields. All programs invoke a multidisciplinary approach to International Relations and develop a broad understanding of the fields as well as subject related skills. The Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II School of International Studies offers a wide range of programs at the Master’s level: American Studies, Conflict Resolution, Sustainable Development (Frozen), Diplomatic Studies, Global Challenges and Leadership (GCL) (Frozen), Human Rights and Human Development, Middle Eastern Studies (Frozen), and Political Science. We have the oldest BA program in Political Science in the region and have also recently added a Ph.D. program. The school has achieved a wide range of academic accomplishments and has hosted well-known scholars, high level politicians and other exclusive speakers on its premises. The Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II School of International Studies employs a number of outstanding academic experts on national, regional and international politics who are well-known for their skilled and exclusive research, expert knowledge, public commentaries and professional experience.

Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies
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