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PhD. in Political Science


The Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II School of International Studies (PHASIS) is the best faculty in the study of politics in Jordan. It seeks to be one of the most prominent and intellectually diverse political science programs in the Middle East and beyond. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the political science PhD program at the University of Jordan in a continuation of the PHASIS faculty’s commitment to intellectual and academic excellence. The ultimate aim of the PhD program is to enable a diverse student body to become successful and influential professionals in future political and academic studies.

The political science PhD program will provide a rigorous, multidisciplinary academic program. The program will consist of innovative, state-of-the-science graduate education in the fields of, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, and Political Methodology. The program research will aid and enhance existing programs, including Middle Eastern studies, Human Rights, European and American studies, Global Challenges and Leadership, as well as centers specialized in religion and politics, as well as Latin American studies.




Political Science



Political Science




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