MA in Human Rights and Human Development / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing this program, the student is expected to be able to:

1.    Analyses, assesses and contributes to the issues of human rights development and humanitarian development in the institutions of the international and local community, United Nations organizations and non-governmental organizations.

2.    Formulates concepts and terminology in economic issues in the field of human development and international humanitarian law

3.    Analyses and assesses qualitative sources of information in the area of human rights and humanitarian development. 


4.    Contributes to the awareness of society through various means of the importance of the subject of human rights and humanitarian development, and the active contribution to the building of society

5.    Employs research methods in the preparation and dissemination of scientific research and in the preparation of studies related to human rights and humanitarian development.

6.    Employs knowledge, principles and theories in the field of human rights and humanitarian development in reading and analysing local, regional or international political events