MA in Human Rights and Human Development / Project and Research

1.    Divided we Decay: Human Rights Based Approach to the Improvement of the Dental Healthcare System

2.    Corruption and Human Rights in Ukraine: A Troubled Path to Reform

3.    Screening for the Applicability of Flextime System in Private Sector in Amman-Jordan

4.    The Rights of Working Women in Jordan in Comparison with the Standards of the International Human Rights

5.    Russian's Violations of Human Rights in Ukraine: A case Study of Crimea Crisis 2013-2017

6.    Women's Rights in Jordan: Critical Analysis of the Contributions of the National Center of Human Rights

7.    Working Women of Jordan: Gender, Rights, and Empowerment

8.    Statelessness and Citizenship: A Comparative Study between Yemen and Jordan since 1980 to 2017

9.    Empowering Women in Countering Radicalization: A Case Study of Jordan

10.  Awareness Level of People with Disabilities and their Laws in Jordan

11.  Tunisia and Egypt Revolutions: Human Rights Explanation

12.  The Dark Side of Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin and Illegal Activity in the Middle East

13.  The Role of Jordanian National Commission for Women and National Center for Human Rights Promoting Women's Rights in Jordan: Comparative Study

14.  The Impact of the Syrian Conflict on Human Development in Syria since 2011-2017

15.  Religion and the Global Justice Debate: An Islamic Perspective

16.  Fourth Industrial Revolution: New Challenges to Human Rights and Human Development

17.  "The Role of NGO's in Children Protection" 2011-2017 Case Study: Children Refugees in Za'atari Camp – Jordan

18.  The Impact of the Qualified Industrial Zones in Jordan

19.  Arab Women Writers and Freedom of Expression; an Examination of Three Novels Censored in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

20.  The Rights of Inmates in Jordanian Reform and Rehabilitation Centers