MA in American Studies / Project and Research

1.    Through the Looking Glass : The Stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims in the American Popular Culture, Movies and Talk Shows

2.    The Politics of Gender and Development: USAID Funded Civil Society in Jordan

3.    The Impact of the U.S-Iran Nuclear Deal on America's Relations with Arab States and Israel

4.    The Impact of External Factors on the American Presidential Campaigns ( Bush - Obama)Comparative Study

5.    Assessing U.S. - Turkish Relations (2011-2016)

6.    The American Media and the Arabs

7.    The Influence of the U.S. Soft Power in the Middle East through American NGOs: Egypt and Jordan. Post 2009 to 2015

8.    American Political Culture Empowerment of American Women (2000-2015)

9.    American-Russian Competition on Syria and its Impact on the International Relationships

10.  American Democratization Promotion in the Middle East from George Bush Administration to Barak Obama Administration (Iraq, Syria, Gulf)

11.  The United States's Strategy in the Middle East 2001-2009

12.  The Iranian Foreign Policy towards Syria (2011-2015)