MA in Political Science / Project and Research

1.    The Security Dialogues under Syrian Conflict (The Russian-American Dialogue) between (2011-2017)

2.    Jordanian Civil Society Organizations Counter-Radicalism Role: Local and International Organizations Model (Analytical and Statistical Study)

3.    The Democratic Transformations in the Arab Region (Libya-Tunisia Model) during the period (2011-2017)

4.    The EU Foreign Policy towards the Middle East (2011-2017): Palestinian Israeli Conflict As A Case Study

5.    Role of Media in Promoting Political Participation in Political Parties by Jordanian Youth 2017

6.    Russian - Syrian Relations and Consequences Due to the Russian Involvement in the Syrian Revolution

7.    The Impact of the Media in Enhancing the Political Participation of University Students in the Kingdom of Bahrain

8.    The Jordanian-Yemeni Relations (1990-2017)

9.    United States Foreign Policy towards the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries during the Period (2009-2018)

10.  The Future of the Palestinian Issue Resolution in the Light of Peace Talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis

11.  Impact of Russian and Iranian Interventions on the Rise of Extremist Factions in the Arab between (2011-2017) Region Syria Case Study

12.  The Political Culture of the Syrian Refugees in Jordan Towards the Syrian Crisis 2011-2017

13.  (Refugee's Camps Field Study)

14.  Soft Power and Dealing with Extreme Movements in Jordan (2001-2017)

15.  Impact of the Conflict in Syria on Arab-Arab Relations 2011-2017

16.  The International Dimension in the Arab Spring: the Case of Libya 2011-2017

17.  The Impact of Political and Social Economic Variables on the Emergence of Terrorist Behavior (Iraq Model 2003-2011)

18.  The Impact of Syrian Crisis on Turkish-Russian Relations (2011-2016)

19.  The Development and Future of Algerian-French Relations from 1999 to 2017

20.  Political Participation in the Democratic Transformation of the Kingdom of Bahrain (2001-2016)