BA in Political Science / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing their undergraduate studies, the student is expected to be able to:

1.    Showing a deep understanding of the basic concepts in the field of Political Science and the formation of an important knowledge structure on the most salient issues and areas of knowledge involved in the study of this specialization.

2.    Using  high-thinking skills and critical and creative thinking in analysing issues related to local, regional and international policies.

3.    Employability of important theoretical knowledge in relevant business institutions and provides ideas, initiatives, suggestions and practical solutions for dealing with political issues.

4.    The knowledge obtained is utilized to interpret the surrounding political phenomena in general by linking theory and practice.

5.    The planning, coordination and management skills of organizing conferences, seminars and workshops are applied in relevant workplaces such as diplomatic institutes, specialized research centres and various civil society institutions.

6.    Knowledge, science and theories are reflected in their practical behaviour in the workplace through diplomacy, tact, and ethics, and discipline, ability to work collaboratively to work in partnership with others as an integrated working group.

7.    Make use of the knowledge, principles, theories, ideas and political philosophies in the design, development and implementation of the objectives of the various institutions related to specialization such as media organizations, diplomatic institutes and specialized research centres.

8.    Using technology and databases to access and process information and to find new information related to the Political Science specialization.