List of Partners

PHBASIS has forged and continues to foster strategic partnerships with key academic institutions, think thanks, NGOs, and government institutions. These partnerships provide PHBASIS with access to a wide range of expertise, enhancing the School’s globally oriented academic approach. PHBASIS partners include:



-    Al-Menia University-Egypt

-    Al-Khurtoom University-Sudan

-    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace-USA

-    Canadian Institute for International Affairs-Canada

-    Chatham House-UK

-    Conflict Resolution Department-Bradford University-UK

-    Cairo University-Egypt

-    Fletcher School of Diplomacy (at Tuft University)-USA

-    George Mason University (Conflict Resolution Department)-USA

-    Jordan Institute of Diplomacy

-    London School of Economics and Political Science-UK

-    Middle East Institute-USA

-    Uppsala University-Sweden

-    USA Peace Institute’s

-    Sunny University-New York-USA

-    The Brooking Institution-USA


Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies
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