About Us
The School of International Studies and Political Science is the only specialized school of politics and international affairs in Jordan that provides high quality education and training on the myriad of fields in international affairs and political sciences in the English language. It was established in 2008 to meet the increasing demands of students for knowledge in Political Science and International Relations. In line with the vision and the strategic plan of the University of Jordan, the School of International Studies and Political Science offers education and training for both undergraduate and graduate students on a wide range of paradigms and diverse theoretical, philosophical and methodological approaches to social sciences and political research.
The aim of the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Studies is to provide Jordanian and regional electoral stakeholders with research, assistance, and evaluation programs in order to strengthen electoral institutions and democratic processes. As a platform for democracy and electoral programming, the Institute offers three distinct advantages. First, it will be a Near East-based entity whose programming will benefit from the contacts and insights provided by its location. Second, it is academic in nature. Where some NGOs may be viewed as having political agenda, the academic dimension is intended to strengthen the political objectivity associated with its analysis and recommendations. And third, international experts will also be engaged by the Institute if special expertise on particular topics is required.
*note to computer center: the "School of International Studies and Political Science" in the first sentence should be hyperlinked to the Faculty of International Studies and Political Science's webpage (http://international.ju.edu.jo/Home.aspx)