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The Norwegian delegation Visit

Prof. Mohammed Al-Katatsheh, Dean / Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II School of International Studies, discussed with a delegation from the Defense Research Institute of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, who is visiting Jordan, with the aim of studying the dimensions of terrorism and extremism and Jordan's advantage in maintaining its stability and security; despite the entire terrorist challenges in the neighboring countries.

Prof. Briangar Lea and Researcher Peter Nasser and Researcher Henrik Agrantt attended, where the Dean Prof. Katatsheh welcomed the delegation and gave them an extensive explanation of the reasons for political stability in Jordan, and the comparative advantage of Jordan's fight against terrorism at the national and international level, and summarized them Jordan's efforts under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein to combat terrorism.

Dr. Mohammed Khair Eiadat/ Vice Dean also reviewed the prospects and reasons for Jordan's stability in a region inflamed by international and regional aspects and Jordan's relationship with the United States of America and the European Union.

Dr. Debbie Abuelghanam reviewed the most realistic reasons for Jordan's exit and its rigidity in combating all extremist terrorist movements in Jordan and the region in general.

Dr. Amir Al Qaralleh/ head of the political science department, talked about the role of Jordanian society and social structures in supporting the state agencies in combating terrorism and absorbing the Jordanian political system for the so-called Arab Spring 2011.

Dr. Ayman Al-Barasneh, Assistant Dean for Quality Affairs discussed the objective reasons for Jordan's international fight against terrorism.

Finally, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Katatsheh invited the delegation from the Defense Research Institute to establish partnerships between the Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies and the Research Institute of Norway.