MA in Conflict Resolution / Project and Research


1.    Building Trust Among Enemies, The Central Challenge for International Conflict Resolution; Arab Israeli Conflict as a Case Study

2.    International Human Rights of Refugees Case Study: Syrian Refugees Hosting Communities in Jordan period Covered by the Study 2011-2018

3.    An Evaluation of the Jordanian-Israeli Peace Treaty (1994-2018)

4.    Building Peace as a Tool for Conflict Resolution; Jordan Role in Making Peace as a Case Study

5.    Conflict in Syria 2011-2018: A Defiance to Ripness Theory

6.    Assessing the Iranian - Saudi Proxy Conflict (2011-2017): Yemen as a case study

7.    The Role of Hashemites in Preserving Jerusalem Political and Religions Status: Trump's Administration as a Case Study

8.    United Arab Emirates in Regional Conflicts Yemen and Libya Case Study

9.    A Comparative Analysis of Middle Eastern and East Asian Democratizing Process: Taiwan and Egypt as Case Study

10.  The International Criminal Court and Africa: The Cases of Sudan, Kenya and Libya (2002-2017)

11.  The Impact of Media on the Syrian Crisis (2011-2017)