MA in American Studies / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:

The American Studies program is a curriculum that provides the Masters student with an in-depth knowledge of the United States including from the historical, political, cultural, economic, sociological, security and strategic perspectives. The program at the University of Jordan was the first in the region and one of only two Masters Programs currently being taught in the Middle East. It is a program that is totally taught in English, uses an interdisciplinary approach and is taught from an internationalist perspective. Therefore, the graduate of this curriculum learns a flexibility of deep knowledge with strengths in analytical, critical thinking and writing skills. Skills which are greatly needed in todays world and which guarantee the graduate of the program employment in sectors such as journalism and media, diplomatic missions, foundations and studies centres, non-  governmental organizations, businesses, companies etc.

Ø Vision statements of the program:

The vision for the program is to play a distinguished role in Jordan as well as the regional level. This will be achieved through offering specialized programs and by developing scientific research in numerous academic disciplines such as American Studies, Conflict Resolution Diplomacy, Environment, European studies to name a few. Moreover, the future ambition of the program is to become a regional as well as global center of academic excellence.


Ø Mission statements of the program:

American Studies seeks to provide the student with professional skills that can be utilized in a wide variety of fields that does not limit the student in job possibilities. It provides a demanding challenge for the motivated, independent thinkers who are seeking a well-rounded preparation for life. It covers a wide array of topics such as politics, history, literature, economics, foreign policy, and culture to name just a few.


Ø Program Aims:

The Program provides students with an opportunity to engage with a rich and diverse culture and a modern, dynamic economy and society that have experienced enormous change and growth since its establishment. It also aims at equipping students with the necessary

methodological and analytical skills to analyze and critique the United States’ foreign policy with special emphasis placed on its policy in the Middle East.