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Program Specifications

BA in Political Science / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:

Established in 1965, the Department of Political Science is one of the oldest disciplines taught in the Arabic language. This department is interested in studying the various cognitive skills that fall within the scope of: political thought, political theory, comparative political systems, political meeting and international relations. The department seeks to familiarize students with these areas of knowledge in a generalized, systematic and structured manner through the study of these subjects and the use of scientific research methods and modern ways of university teaching. The department aims to give students the necessary knowledge to enable them to understand the political processes and interactions at the local, regional and international levels without interpreting and analyzing these processes.


Ø Vision statements of the program:

To deepen the understanding and awareness of the field of Political Science by promoting theoretical knowledge of the fields of this science and its branches of knowledge, which include political theory and comparative political systems, international relations, international and regional organization, parties and interest groups, and the issues of state and power


Ø Mission statements of the program:

To contribute to the development of the knowledge of students through critical thinking and enhance their ability to analyze contemporary political problems and work to support the department with qualified and experienced teachers so that they actively contribute to the conduct of studies and scientific research and training students in specialized research work.


Ø Program Aims:

1.    To meet the need for the preparation of graduates of qualified academic qualification, and in the political field in order to supplement the institutions, ministries and government departments related to the political field.

2.    Contribute to the achievement of the mission of the University of Jordan to achieve universality and excellence at the international level.

3.    The specialization of Political Science is a center of attraction for Jordanian, Arab and foreign students, providing financial support to the university.

4.    Work on field training for Political Science students in ministries and institutions, leading to the refinement of their personality and their involvement in political training before finishing their years of schooling.

5.    To increase the political awareness of the graduates of the department and to work on their conscious political upbringing.

6.    To provide the Ministry of Education with the qualified staff to work on the inclusion of the subject of Political Science principles to be factored into the school curricula..

7.    Develop the student's research and creative abilities such as those related to the political, economic and social problems in different regions of the world and the use of the courses of schools of other faculties related to Political Science such as Public Administration, Public International Law and others.

8.    To establish relations with the Political Science departments in sister universities in order to create academic cooperation, which reflects positively on the teaching and research process of both faculty members and students. The department also hosts lecturers from professors and domestic and foreign political workers to discuss Jordanian, regional and global political issues. It is the belief of the department in the importance of communicating with the community, the faculty members give lectures and seminars in universities, institutes, schools and Jordanian forums to shed light on political topics of interest to the nation and the citizen. Faculty members have been working as visiting professors at local, Arab and foreign universities, as well as collaborating with a large number of officials and community studies centers at the national and regional level, which helps to strengthen the dissemination of information, scientific research and awareness in Jordan and abroad.

9.    The Department of Political Science plays an important role in the service of society through research and specialized studies organized by the department. These activities include various political issues at the local, regional and international levels..