PhD. in Political Science / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:

The PhD program in Political Science is based on a track system that includes all the basic branches of Political Science (Methodology, Political Theory, International Relations and Comparative Politics). The aim of this program is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills to understand and interpret the political phenomenon through the use of research and methodology skills in studying the political trends in different political, cultural and economic contexts, raising the academic and research efficiency of students in knowledge and analysis as well as developing positive and professional behaviour for use in different research and functional fields and the Academy.

Ø Vision statements of the program:

Providing a specialized academic program that meets the needs of the research faculty as well as the Arab and Western academic community, and the development and enhancement of theoretical knowledge aimed at understanding the essence of political phenomena and the most important theoretical and methodological issues and fundamental currents in Political Science.


Ø Mission statements of the program:

Provide students with basic knowledge and skills and enhance their research and methodological skills on political phenomena in different political, cultural and economic contexts. The program aims to raise the academic and research efficiency of students in knowledge, analysis and development of positive and professional behavior for the purpose to work in various fields of research, employment and academic areas.

Ø Program Aims:

1.    To meet the need to prepare graduates who are academically qualified and have an in-depth knowledge in the political field to support institutions, ministries and government departments relevant to the political sphere.

2.    To contribute to the achievement of the mission of the University of Jordan to realize international attainment and excellence at the international level.

3.    The specialization of Political Science is a center for attracting Jordanian, Arab and foreign students, thus providing financial support to the university..

4.    To work on field training for students of Political Science in ministries and institutions, leading to the refinement of their personality and their involvement in political issues before the end of the years of study..

5.    To work to raise political awareness among graduates of the department and utilize  current political information.

6.    To provide the Ministry of Education with the qualified staff to work on the incorporation of the principles of science into politics so that they can be taught in the school curricula.

7.    Developing students' research and creative abilities, such as courses related to political, economic and social problems in different regions of the world, and using faculty courses from other faculties related to Political Science such as Public Administration, Public International Law and others.

8.    The Department of Political Science also plays an important role in serving the community through research and specialized studies organized by the Department. These include various political issues at the local, regional and international levels.