MA in Diplomatic Studies / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:

This program at the University of Jordan is part of the University's endeavor, especially the Faculty of Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II for International Studies to keep abreast of the developments in the field of International Relations, specifically the field of diplomatic studies, as this specific area has begun to develop impressively in many prestigious universities, whether in Jordanian or foreign. This program opens the door to the region, especially in Jordan to specialize in the field of International Relations and Diplomatic and Consular Studies.


The Program of Diplomatic Studies in the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy aims to provide a specialization in diplomatic studies in the fields and needs of political institutions and graduates those who have knowledge in the fields of International Relations, foreign policy, international law and diplomatic studies.


The program focuses on the development of skills and knowledge based on the means of managing international and diplomatic relations, examines the nature of conflicts in the contemporary world, and the effectiveness of previous and current international efforts to resolve them in order to make recommendations for guiding future policies and practices. The program is linked to the faculty’s Conflict Resolution program, due to the relationship between these two areas of study.


Ø Vision statements of the program:

To contribute to the academic development at the national and regional levels by providing a specialized and in-depth program in diplomatic and consular relations.


Ø Mission statements of the program:

Provide quality education to students and help them to develop their theoretical knowledge and enhance their research skills that qualify them to serve their communities.


Ø Program Aims:

1.    Providing an academic knowledge field specialized in diplomatic studies to include theoretical and scientific vocabulary that meets the needs of political institutions.

2.    Enhancing and enriching students’ knowledge of the theories of international relations, foreign policy, international law and diplomatic studies.

3.    Expanding students’ knowledge to understand the nature of the practices in the field of international relations, diplomacy and negotiation skills.

4.    Training students in the practical implementation of research projects in the field of diplomatic studies and prepare them to work in organizations of political and diplomatic nature, whether governmental or non-governmental.