Since its establishment in 2008, Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II School of Political Science and International Studies has looked forward to its future with confidence, optimism, and hope for the accomplishments it will achieve in the coming days; given that its goals are clear, its plan is thoughtful, and the steps for their implementation are calculated.

Initially named the "School of International Studies," the School underwent a name change in 2012 to become the "School of International Studies and Political Science." Upon the approval of the Higher Education Council in 2014 the School was renamed "Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II School of International Studies,” and in 2023 it was renamed again to the current "Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II School of Political Science and International Studies."

The School, which became one of the leading schools not only locally but also regionally, was established in line with the requirements of the changing times where the university's role extends beyond the provision of traditional academic knowledge to shaping its vision and mission to provide students with a broad and balanced foundation in scientific and practical knowledge and skills, thus empowering and preparing them for the job market.

For its students, the School serves as a bridge to an exceptional world and a promising future. It offers academic programs that enable them to enter the realm of politics and understand the complexities of cultures and intertwined policies. Throughout its academic and practical journey, the School committed itself to achieving the highest levels of success, investing in scientific endeavors that lead to continuous development and excellence. The School aims to develop critical analysis and engagement in political life, progressing into diplomatic roles and leadership positions.

The School comprises three departments: Political Science, International Development, and International Relations and Diplomatic and Regional Studies.  It offers diverse academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels and takes pride in hosting one of the region's oldest bachelor's programs in political science and a competitive political science doctoral program.

The School aspires to gain a prestigious regional and global academic position. It fosters an attractive environment for intellectual minds from around the world, emphasizing openness to the external world, and building and expanding local and international strategic partnerships. The School has signed numerous agreements and memoranda of understanding with prestigious international institutions.

The School, within its strategic mission, sought to provide a distinctive academic environment in terms of scientific and research programs and faculty members. This environment ensured the quality of education, developed students' personalities, and enhanced their cognitive, research, and analytical skills. This would not have been possible without attracting distinguished faculty members who have left a remarkable imprint in the political world.

Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II School of Political Science and International Studies will continue its journey filled with hope and confidence in a future full of achievements. It is committed to its core values, emphasizing the provision of high-quality education, encouraging critical and creative thinking, striving for excellence, promoting research freedom, and establishing professional ethical values based on mutual respect, understanding, and diversity.