MA in Human Rights and Human Development / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:

The Master of human Rights and Humanitarian Development Program were established at the University of Jordan under the patronage in 2008. With the aim of spreading and deepening the culture of human rights and promoting the protection of respect for human rights and achieving advanced levels in the field of humanitarian development in general with the cooperation of Jordanian, European and leading universities in the fields of human rights and humanitarian development, the program seeks to prepare a generation of distinguished researchers and practitioners Creators in the fields of human rights and humanitarian Development, the program adopts contemporary global discourse and modern scientific theories that integrate human rights as a fundamental criterion in the human development standards with a view to achieving universal human security. To achieve this, the program offers creative solutions and creative theories to meet the methodological, theoretical and applied challenges to achieve its goals and employ the multi-science portal in social sciences as a general framework of the program over the past few years, enabling the program to impose itself as a leading and distinct program in The Arab region and the Middle East as the single programme that links human rights and humanitarian development.

Since its inception, the programme has been instrumental in achieving outstanding achievements on


Ø Vision statements of the program:

The vision is based on the conviction that the issue of human rights is one of the most important issues of the community in particular and the international community in general. The recognition of these rights as political, civil, cultural, social and economic, and whether these rights are individual or collective, is a commitment to equality, justice, freedom and human dignity for all human beings without discrimination.


Ø Mission statements of the program:

To protect, promote human rights, and seek awareness and education about these rights and to provide the necessary protection and support to individuals and develop their capacities. A strategic plan based on a vision that contributes to creating a new reality that deals more efficiently with the challenges of the future. Building is a society of justice, equality, the rule of law, safeguarding human dignity and protecting public liberties.


Ø Program Aims:

1.    To educate individuals about their fundamental rights under international human rights instruments and national laws

2.    Strengthen and empower individuals through training programs and other activities to identify, prioritize, claim and defend rights of importance and priority for them, and seek and work to ensure that they are respected.

3.    Expansion of the specialized network on human rights at the local, regional and international levels

4.    Disseminating and developing a culture of human rights and defending these rights.

5.    Provide advice and recommendations to stakeholders on human rights issues.

6.    Contribute to the preparation of national reports to be submitted by the State to international human rights bodies and agencies.

7.    Contribute to the preparation and participation in the implementation of programmes related to education, studies and research related to human rights.

8.    Cooperation with international and regional organizations and civil society institutions concerned with human rights and freedoms and participation in international forums relating to them.

9.    Convening and organizing conferences, symposia, sessions and panel discussions on topics relating to human rights and freedoms and coordination with relevant stakeholders.