MA in Diplomatic Studies / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing this program, the student is expected to be able to:

1.    Developing work in community institutions by employing all knowledge and ideas gained in interpreting issues related to International Relations and Diplomatic Studies.

2.    Proficiency in writing and dialogue that demonstrates the acquired knowledge and theories on students behaviour in the work of diplomatic institutions and the ability to demonstrate discipline.

3.    Analysing and evaluating the surrounding political phenomena in a way that links theory and practice through critical thinking and solutions proposed for political problems.

4.    Using technology and scientific research methods to conduct research on various issues related to political and diplomatic work, and to publish reports and research in scientific journals.

5.    Participating in the proposal, organization and presentation of conferences, seminars and workshops in the field of diplomatic studies.

6.    Taking responsibility and demonstrate communication skills with others and the art of meaningful dialogue based on knowledge.

7.    Describing and classifying the nature of knowledge fields in the field of diplomatic studies.


8.    Assessing the performance of the various organs entrusted with the implementation of diplomatic and political work.

9.    Deeply analyses the nature of diplomatic and consular work and distinguishes between them.

10.  Having skills of writing reports and articles in a scientific way that shows professionalism and excellence.

11.  Describing, analysing and evaluating diplomatic efforts at the regional and international levels to maintain international peace and security.

12.   Showing the strengths and weaknesses of diplomatic initiatives to solve various problems.

13.  Acting to reconcile different perspectives in dialogues and discussions concerning diplomatic studies and learning to practice persuasion using logical arguments based on scientific knowledge.