MA in Diplomatic Studies / Project and Research


1.    Trump's Decision that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel: Contents and Consequences

2.    Barriers to the Recognition of Palestinian State (2012-2017)

3.    Russia's Scheme in Syria

4.    The Role of Qatari Foreign Policy in the Arab Spring towards Bahrain and Egypt : A Comparative Study (2011-2017)

5.    The Role of Yemen State in Achieving the US Foreign Policy Objectives (1990-2014)

6.    American Aid and its Effect on Jordanian Foreign Policy (2001-2018)

7.    The Diplomatic Effect of Oman in the Middle Eastern Crisis of the Arab Spring (2011-2018)

8.    Iran's Foreign Policy towards the Middle East, 2003-2018

9.    Identity in Transitional Context: the Case of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

10.  A Comparative Analysis of Middle Eastern and East Asian Democratizing Process: Taiwan and Egypt as Case Study

11.  The International Criminal Court and Africa: The Cases of Sudan, Kenya and Libya (2002-2017)

12.  The Impact of Media on the Syrian Crisis (2011-2017)