Postgraduate Programs
ProgramDepartmentDescriptionStudy Plans
MA in Human Rights and Human DevelopmentInternational DevelopmentEstablished under royal patronage in 2008, this Program aims to spread a culture of human rights promotion and protection as well as study and develop theories and practices of human development. Working in coordination with University degli Studi di Pavia, Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori di Pavia and the Universita degli Studi di Padova, this Program aims to equip graduate students with extensive methodological training to analyze and develop the contemporary paradigms and theories of this field.
The program is also in coordination with the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA). Based in Harvard and created by world-class economist and development theorist Amartya Sen, the HDCA promotes inter-disciplinary research on development problems related to impoverishment, justice, and well-being.
This Human Rights and Human Development Program incorporates human rights as a fundamental criterion for the measurement of human development and is the first program in the region to bridge the scientific gap between human rights and human development. Since its establishment, the Program has contributed to the body of scientific knowledge concerning human rights and human development and has also cultivated a network of local, regional, and global research collaboration. By providing a multidimensional theoretical and practical approach to the field of human rights and human development, the Program provides students with the skills to compete locally and internationally as well as to further global understanding and promotion of human rights and human development....Read More
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MA in Diplomatic StudiesInternational Relations and Diplomatic and Regional StudiesThe MA in Diplomatic Studies is a professional program that prepares students for a future in foreign affairs, journalism, or business. This program combines a traditional approach to the study of international relations with practical training in the techniques of contemporary diplomacy and international negotiations. Political and economic problems today invariably transcend national boundaries. This means that the international agenda encompasses scientific, technological, cultural, and humanitarian concerns, as well as the more traditional area of diplomatic activity. From this perspective, the MA in Diplomatic Studies is designed to equip students with the necessary tools and methodologies to excel in all fields of international relations....Read More ...Click Here
MA in Conflict Resolution International Relations and Diplomatic and Regional StudiesThe MA in Conflict Resolution allows students to develop skills in negotiation, mediation, control, and reconciliation that are essential for a comprehensive understanding of conflict resolution and management. This Program equips students with the methodological and analytical skills to assess and critique conflicts and conflict resolution policies in the contemporary world. With these skills, students are also able to critique and improve upon conflict resolution practices. Moreover, the Program is devoted to preparing students with the knowledge and training required for a career in business, political organizations, diplomatic organizations, governmental and international organizations, and non-governmental organizations....Read More ...Click Here
MA in American StudiesInternational Relations and Diplomatic and Regional StudiesThe power and policies of the United States of America impact countries all over the globe. Due to its influential role, especially in impacting the politics of the Middle East, the American Studies Program seeks to provide deeper knowledge of the United States within a global context. This Program is the first of its kind in Jordan and is academically unique in the region. The Program provides students with an opportunity to engage with a rich and diverse culture and a modern, dynamic economy and society that have experienced enormous change and growth since its establishment. It also aims at equipping students with the necessary methodological and analytical skills to analyze and critique the United States’ foreign policy with special emphasis placed on its policy in the Middle East....Read More ...Click Here
MA in Political SciencePolitical Science MA Political Science: The Master of Political Science program provides students with the methodological and theoretical skills for the study and analysis of political science. By focusing on new models, theories, and methodologies, the program seeks to create a new generation of scientists able to apply these practices to contemporary political issues. The program engages students in critical inquiry of a wide range of topics. Students learn about the local, regional, and international politics as well as comparative politics and political theory....Read More ...Click Here
PhD. in Political Science Political Science  
The Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II School of International Studies (PHASIS) is the best faculty in the study of politics in Jordan. It seeks to be one of the most prominent and intellectually diverse political science programs in the Middle East and beyond. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the political science PhD program at the University of Jordan in a continuation of the PHASIS faculty’s commitment to intellectual and academic excellence. The ultimate aim of the PhD program is to enable a diverse student body to become successful and influential professionals in future political and academic studies.

The political science PhD program will provide a rigorous, multidisciplinary academic program. The program will consist of innovative, state-of-the-science graduate education in the fields of, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, and Political Methodology. The program research will aid and enhance existing programs, including Middle Eastern studies, Human Rights, European and American studies, Global Challenges and Leadership, as well as centers specialized in religion and politics, as well as Latin American studies. ...Read More
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Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies
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