MA in Conflict Resolution / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing t​his program, the student is expected to be able to: 

1.    Analyses and evaluates knowledge and theories in conflict resolution.

2.    Takes responsibility and contributes to the development of community institutions.

3.    Analyses and evaluates the reality of international and regional organizations in terms of the legal and regulatory dimension, modern approaches to international organizations, the role of international organizations in contemporary international political mobility, their effectiveness and their ability to identify and describe the strengths and weaknesses of their performance.

4.    Jordanian diplomacy, its actors, and Jordan's foreign policy-making tools are discussed, analysed and studied at the Arab, regional and international levels.

5.    Reflects what they has learned through writing in newspapers and the media, especially on issues related to Conflict Resolution.


6.    Promotes through their behaviour national belonging and respect for laws, regulations and guidelines in the community.

7.    Employs the use of technology and contemporary research methods in teaching.

8.    Practices critical and independent thinking and employs problem solving skills in analysing political problems and anticipating their future scenarios.

9.    Proposes and provides topics for dialogue and discussion in the area of Conflict Resolution.

10.   Writing reports and articles in a scientific way that shows professionalism and excellence.

11.  Research methods are used to write, submit and publish papers and research papers in refereed scientific journals.