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American Studies panel


An American Studies panel chaired by Dr. Naser Tahboub was held at the Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies last Tuesday. The four participating speakers in the panel (Dr.Debbie Abuelghanam, Mr. Alain Mcnamara, Mr.Peter Neisuler, and Dr. Allison Hodgkins) focused on the importance of the American Studies Program and the American-Jordanian relationship.   

The American Studies Program is a multidisciplinary program. It comprises many fields of knowledge such as economy, history, media…etc. Students of this program will benefit from gaining many experiences and skills including but not limited to research skills, cultural awareness, and critical thinking.

Furthermore, one example of the programs that support and can further one’s academic and cultural knowledge about America is the Fulbright Program Opportunities for Jordanian Graduate Students. This binational and exchange program, which was found in 1996, helps students to build empathy between the American and Jordanian cultures, share experiences, and widen students’ horizons. Therefore, this program promotes human resources in both countries. Such programs are not only knowledge oriented, they are also life changing programs where one can study in the other country and get involved in learning about the culture by dealing with people on a daily basis.

Mr. Neisuler stressed that the bilateral relationship between Jordan and America has been over 70 years. It has not been only a military and security partnership, where part of this relationship was education.

This collaboration with Jordan is based on some cornerstones. For example, America maintains a good relationship with Jordan due to its strategic role and importance in the region. Jordan is also a great ally of America. Moreover, King Abdullah II has great efforts in fighting terrorism. Therefore, the aim of this collaboration is to achieve and advance peace and prosperity for both countries.

Dr. Hodgkins singled out the American foreign policy in the Middle East (ME). She defined very few preventive interest areas in the region including 1) oil and gas in the ME that can promote the global health economy, 2) the geopolitical and strategic importance of Jordan, and 3) Jordan counter-terrorism efforts.


By:   Nada Abu Sbeih