School Strategies - Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of Political Science and International Studies - The University of Jordan

School's Strategy

School's Strategy


A pioneering school, excelling in its commitment to the development and advancement of Jordan, and at the forefront of serving the local and global community. This is achieved through the elevation of the educational process, the accomplishment of cutting-edge research, and the dissemination of knowledge in the realms of political science and international studies through the school's highly competitive and distinctive programs.


Providing an outstanding and pioneering educational, learning, and research environment that actively contributes to enhancing the quality of education. It is designed to stimulate creativity, innovation, and leadership, nurturing students' personalities and preparing competencies capable of contributing to sustainable development locally and globally.


Providing purposeful and motivating learning and teaching, along with a supportive environment to encourage critical and creative thinking, enhance freedom of expression, and foster academic discourse, stimulating productive scientific research for knowledge creation with a significant impact on development and community service through distinguished faculty and students, establishing sustainable and impactful partnerships at both local and global levels