In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I am pleased to warmly welcome you to the Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II School of Political Science and International Studies. I take pride in continuing the work of my predecessors who founded and developed the School with dedication and sincerity, and who endeavored to elevate its status among its peers in the region; relying on their knowledge and strategic planning.

Throughout its academic journey, the School has taken qualitative steps marked by distinction and excellence that earned it local, regional, and international recognition. It has become a role model among similar schools in Jordan and beyond for its commitment to provide outstanding education that meets international standards. At the hands of an elite group of professors and academics recognized for their openness and skills in the world of politics, the School graduates students equipped with scientific, research, and political skills; allowing them to describe and analyze political realities and anticipate the future.

The School achievements are a result of the efforts and scientific and practical experiences of its professors, the efforts of its administrative staff, and the dedication of its students. They are also attributed to the strategic plan that aims to make the School a leader in education, research, and knowledge dissemination in the fields of international studies and political science, and to the diverse programs offered by the School that are highly competitive at the local, regional, and international levels.

The School’s goals serve as a compass to achieve its aspirations, by providing high quality education and learning, encouraging critical and creative thinking, promoting freedom of expression, producing knowledge, and preparing independent global researchers. It also emphasizes social development, civic engagement, and spreading a culture of scientific research, the results of which meet the needs of local communities.
We all fully understand the role we must play with utmost transparency and perfection for the School to remain at the forefront of schools. We have high hopes that we can live up to the responsibility of continuing the School’s academic journey, with the support of the University of Jordan’s administration, represented by its President, who is making every possible effort to facilitate and develop the School’s performance, and with the collective efforts of academic and administrative staff, as well as the students. Without these efforts and cumulative work, the School would not have achieved the status we cherish among its peers in the region.

I pray to the Almighty to bless our knowledge and grant us success in the service of our beloved university, our country and its institutions under the reign of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein and his faithful Crown Prince.

Professor Hasan Al Momani